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What is Safe Pack?

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"Safe Pack was a great solution during some travels to Italy and Greece when I wanted to have just a small bag to hold my essentials hands-free. It was particularly helpful for being in crowded marketplaces, at a concert, on a boat ride or kayaking. I didn't have to worry about the safety of my phone or valuables."

Diane Soucy Bergan


"I am able to have fun at Lollapalooza now without having to worry about my phone being stolen from out of my fanny pack."

Kayla Hoelter


"I love using my Safe Pack when going skiing because I know my phone won’t fall off the ski lift."

Ryan Cummins


"I used my Safe Pack when I went hiking in Arizona and it was so useful because I knew my phone was secure in my bag."

Dr. Antonia Mourelatos

Perfect for Use at Multiple Locations